Saint John's Health Center

For most of our patients, discharge from the hospital following treatment or a procedure is welcome news.  That is because their discharge enables patients to return home to the loving care of family members and friends.

With the exception of obstetric patients, discharge from Saint John's Health Center is usually completed by 11 a.m.  By observing this discharge time, patients and their families can help Saint John's better serve and accommodate other patients who are in need of beds.  In every instance, discharge from the hospital occurs only after the attending physician has signed a patient's discharge orders.

Saint John's Health Center recommends that all patients arrange for a family member or friend to drive them from the hospital to their home upon discharge.  For the comfort of our patients, we request that people delegated to drive patients home arrange to retrieve their car in advance of a friend or relative's discharge.  Patients will be discharged to Parking Lot C.

It is recommended that patients wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes on the drive home in order to maximize overall comfort and minimize any pain following a procedure.  In some cases patients should request pain medication prior to leaving the hospital in order to ensure their comfort during the drive home.  If medication is needed, please be sure to request it from a nurse at least one hour prior to departing from the hospital.

If any assistance is required at home following discharge from the hospital, this should be discussed with the patient's nurse or the RN/case manager on the patient's unit.  Staff will be happy to assist in whatever way possible to make sure that any needed assistance is available upon discharge, particularly for those who live alone.

All patients cared for at Saint John's are covered by a series of "Patients' Rights." At least  one of these rights is directly applicable to those being discharged: Be informed by the physician, or a delegate of the physician, of continuing health care requirements following discharge from the hospital.  These health care requirements should be made clear upon discharge; if they are not, please ask your nurse to clarify.

Remember: our responsibility to patients does not necessarily end when someone is discharged.  Patients should feel free to contact us at any time with questions pertaining to the care they received at Saint John's Health Center.